Tesla Powerwall 2 Connectivity


When my Powerwall was first configured I wanted to understand how best to configure the connectivity and after some trial and error have gained an understanding which I think is worth documenting and sharing. My concern arose from seeing the list of attached devices on my home router appearing to be unstable and also containing some very strange entries.

The Powerwall Gateway wants to be configured with three separate connections back to the Tesla mothership. Ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular.

In essence, the Tesla Gateway tries to maintain a single robust connection back to the mothership. It does so by prioritising the IP address associated with the ‘Ethernet’ connection and associating that with the MAC address for the Wi-Fi connection. At first, this seems strange until you think of it as being a web server (which it is) wanting to connect on a stable IP address but with some resilience. Now, in the event of the Wi-Fi going down, it will dynamically change the MAC address to be the ‘Ethernet’ MAC address but try and retain the ‘Ethernet’ IP address.