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Reciprocal RACF Links

Stu Henderson RSH Consulting CBT Tape Cory Curtis (links back to which used to be mine) Steve Neeland    


As I regularly get asked about it, I thought it would be good to pull together some details and links which I have found interesting and or useful. Throughout my education I have always had difficulties reading, but it was

RACF book

Here’s a good book, and OK I didn’t write it, but I did review it.

Secure email

I’ve been looking for an open solution to interfacing with PGP Secure Email and here is what I’ve found. I use Thunderbird as my primary email client as it gives me a common look and feel across both Windows and

Passwords – some useful links

I’ve been collecting some useful password related links and just wanted to log them / share them for easy reference. Here are three password strength checking websites, interesting to play with so long as you don’t use real passwords


As a security professional I strongly believe passwords is the single most important topic which is far more subtle than most folks realise.  Understanding the basics is vital and yet most people don’t.  I think one of the best ways

Creating your own email certificate

I’ve been asked by a variety of folks about the easiest way to create your own email certificate. Well, my answer is using OpenSSL, which I appreciate isn’t the easiest tool to use, so I’ve put together a self contained