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Current release is v1.0 dated 2000
Please see my statement of ethical justification.

This is a small DOS program which takes as input a RACF database and processes it in two passes to check for trivial passwords.

Pass 1 - base UserID information is identified and the UserIDs counter incremented for each.
Pass 2 - for each identified UserID it checks to see if the current password is either the UserID, the DFLTGRP or the UserID backwards. Remaining counter is decremented, and either hits or misses counter incremented for each. An output file (CRACF.TXT) is generated with one line per UserID showing results.

Step 1 - submit JCL to copy structured RACF database into flat file

sample JCL
Step 2 - transfer from mainframe to PC as binary file.

Step 3 - run CRACF utility, e.g.

cracf flatfile.seq

Nigel's CRACF Utility v1.0
CRACF.exe (11k)

See also WEAKWORD utility for dictionary capability

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